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I'm really liking FRV.  I'm working it into my photography workflow as the first step for screening out rejects before I waste any time importing them in the LR.  (I use a similar product when my I was Windows based, but I'm on a Mac now and that other product is Windows only).  I've got OSX configured now to open FRV when my CF cards are inserted.  Then I use FRV to quickly eliminate the obvious rejects. I have a couple of thoughts and observations on handling of "rejected" photos:
(1) Add a command (like Lightroom) that would allow one to delete all rejected photos (i.e. move them from the "rejects" folder to the trash or recycle bin).  This command, of course, would have a confirmation dialog that could be (but shouldn't be) disabled in the preferences to protect us over-zealous users. This saves the added effort of opening a finder window or file explorer, browsing to the folder, and deleting the files manually.  (The main reason I'd like this ability is because, even after moving the images to a "rejected" folder on the CF card, Lightroom will still find them and mark them for import.  I even tried naming the reject folder as ".rejects", hoping that LR would ignore "hidden" directories, but no.  To avoid this one has to manually delete the files before starting the LR import dialog.)
(2) Allow the rejected folder to be located anywhere.  Through some experimentation I've discovered that one can already do this because the path entered into the rejected subfolder preference can be any relative path.  For instance, I can enter "../rejected" and the folder will be placed up one directory level, peer to the folder with the images.  I've even gone so far as to use "../../../../Users/kevin/rejected" as the relative path on my Mac.  This causes the rejects to get moved off the CF card into a directory under my home directory on my main SSD.  (Thus alleviating the problem in #1 above of LR finding the rejected images on the CF card during import.)  But it's a hack that will only work with CF cards that have the images located in a fixed directory hierarchy.  Different cameras could require different relative paths.  And it is a hack that won't work on Windows file systems. Being able to specify an absolute path to any folder would be useful.   Supporting both relative and absolute paths would be ideal. 
One other note:  When I installed the latest release FRV yesterday it did not find DXO Optics Pro 10.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I did see on the website (or was it in the manual) that DXO Optics Pro was listed as one of the Processors that would be identified and configured as an external program if present .
Thanks for building a very useful tool!