FastRawViewer Version History

FastRawViewer 1.5.1: Canon CR3 format support

Finally, the support for Canon CR3 format!

Camera support

  • Canon: EOS R, EOS RP, EOS M50, PowerShot SX70 HS, EOS 250D (preliminary support)
  • Leica D-LUX7, Q2
  • Panasonic DC-G90/95

Kudos to Alexey Danilchenko for figuring out the CR3 format!

FastRawViewer 1.5.1

FastRawViewer 1.5 Release

We would like to inform you that FastRawViewer 1.5 is released

  • TIFF/PNG format support
  • On-disk thumbnail cache
  • _Selected folder feature
  • Overlay grids
  • and other minor features and small bugfixes
FastRawViewer 1.5

FastRawViewer 1.4.12 Release

FastRawViewer 1.4.12

Camera support:

  • CLAUSS pix500
  • Fujifilm X-T30
  • Nikon Coolpix A1000
  • Olympus E-M1X
  • Sony ILCE-6400

Minor changes

FastRawViewer 1.4.11 Release

FastRawViewer 1.4.11


  • Faster thumbnail reading, especially on slow media/WiFi
  • Run program/Pass image in main menu/context menus has been reworked
  • (Windows only) New Preferences setting: Interface - Set the main menubar colors to match the main window.
  • New setting: Folders panel - gear menu - Show horizontal scrollbar
  • (Windows only) A warning is issued if 'pass image to external program' requires privilege escalation.

A Couple of Bugs Fixed

FastRawViewer 1.4.10 Release

Camera support:

  • Fujifilm XF10, X-T3, GFX 50R, DBP680
  • Gitup G3 duo
  • Nikon Z7, Z6, P1000, D3500
  • Old Leaf cameras with RGB TIFF output (Cantare, DCB2, Volare)
  • Panasonic LX100-II
  • Sony HX99 (preliminary support)

New features added

FastRawViewer 1.4.9

FastRawViewer 1.4.9

Camera support:

  • Leica M10-P
  • Sony RX100-V-A

Minor Changes

Minor Bugs Fixed

FastRawViewer 1.4.8

This new release addresses two reports indicating some problems with opening RAF files from certain Fujifilm cameras on Mac platform, and a few suggestions towards improving user interface.

FastRawViewer 1.4.8

Minor Interface Changes:

  • EXIF Display: 'File Modified' date is now displayed using system locale settings (Short date + Short time)
  • Edit date range dialog (Sort/Filter panel): OK is now 'default button', and it is activated by pressing the Enter key

Minor Bugs Fixed

FastRawViewer 1.4.7 Release

Big thanks to all of the testers for Technology Preview I and II, your feedback was invaluable.

The new version of FastRawViewer 1.4.7 doesn’t require one to turn on the new features through additional hotkeys, everything is already on.

FastRawViewer. 1.4.7.
  • The changes are as follows:
  • With the new new strategy of processing JPEG representations (both embedded and Lone), opening files has become times faster.
  • Processing RAW data on the GPU: rendering is changed instantly with the change of the rendering parameters (WB, Exposure, Contrast); higher-quality demosaicing is applied to Bayer images (that is, for the vast majority of cameras).
  • The interface rendering speed has also increased somewhat.
  • If you prefer the Windows Explorer / Finder-like behavior for selecting files, you can switch to it.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, many minor improvements have been added.
  • New cameras' support added.

FastRawViewer 1.4.6 Release

FastRawViewer 1.4.6

New Cameras Support

  • Fujifilm X-A5, X-A20, X-H1
  • Olympus E-PL9
  • Panasonic GX9, GF10/90, DC-ZS200/TZ200, GH5s, G9 in high-res mode.
  • Preliminary support:
  • Canon 2000D, 4000D
  • Sony A7 III

New Features and Improvements

FastRawViewer 1.4.5 Release

FastRawViewer 1.4.5

Bugs fixed

  • Thumbnails would not refresh on thumbnail size change.
  • (Windows only) Show file in Explorer and Menu - Help - Auxillary settings scripts was broken in FastRawViewer 1.4.4.
  • Correct handling of striped bitmap thumbnails.
  • Resent copy/move destination lists in menus were damaged after switching 'Single keys act for multiple files' setting.

New features / settings

  • New setting: Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - Ignore folder paths on selection load (default is off)
  • With this option checked, Menu - Select - Load/Append selection from file will ignore the folder part of the file paths stored in the file that is loaded, so selection load/append will become folder-independent.
  • Preferences - File handling - Reset filtering on selection load
  • With this option on, folder file filtering is turned off while loading/appending file selection. Without that, only visible (not filtered out) files to be selected based on loaded file.
  • Adobe Camera Raw 10.1 compatibility: camera data added.
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