Filtering Files Using Labels and Ratings

This can be accomplished using Menu – File – Filter files by rating/label or by clicking the “funnel” icon on the Filmstrip and Grid panels:

When this menu item is selected or the funnel icon is clicked, the dialog to set the filtration parameters is activated. In this dialog, you can set:

  • The desired XMP-rating (“any” or some combination of ratings)
  • The desired XMP-label

After the Apply button is pressed, the Thumbnails and Grid View will keep displaying only those images that pass the filtration criteria.

When the filtration is on, the funnel icon is displayed brighter.

When filtration is activated in the current folder for the first time, the program will read all of the XMP files in the folder and store their ratings and labels. If for the files in the current folder the ratings and/or labels are changed with an external program, while the folder is opened in FastRawViewer, to re-read the XMP files you can use the “gear” button for the Filmstrip/Grid View, selecting Refresh thumbnails/ratings.

With standard settings the labels and ratings are read only from sidecar XMP files. However, in certain cases the XMP data can be embedded right into the RAW files. To use those embedded XMP blocks for file filtration, you need to switch on the setting in Preferences – XMP – Read ratings/labels from XMP blocks embedded into RAW files. This is described in more detail in the “Embedded XMP blocks” section, in the “Ratings and Labels” chapter.