Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop from of the program

A selected file, or a group of files, can be dragged with the mouse (Drag and Drop) into other programs that accept the file list.

If a selected file is dragged, then all selected files will be dragged to the same destination.

Dragging a file opened in single window mode works in the case that:

  • If, for the action “left mouse click without modifiers,” either no action is set
  • Or, the default action is set to the standard “drag the image in the window” but the current zoom is such that the image fits within the window completely.

Drag-and-Dropping happens in copy mode, so files don’t disappear from the program window.

Drag and Drop within FastRawViewer

Files can be dragged within FastRawViewer itself to file trees; with default settings, this mode is turned on (it can be turned off by unchecking Enable file drops to folder tree in the settings of the Folders panel).

In the same Folders panel settings, one can turn on Folder tree autoexpand on drop target selection – in this case, folders will automatically open upon dragging a cursor with files “attached” to it.

The folder that is currently under the drop cursor is automatically highlighted in red.

You can not only drop files into the Folders panel, but also into the Favorite Folders panel.

With default settings, the dropped file is copied, not moved. FastRawViewer Preferences – Copy/Move/Reject – Drop file(s) to folders tree allows one to select one of the following drop modes:

  • Copy w/o prompt – the file is copied; no user confirmation is requested.
  • Select copy or move – at each drop action, the user will be prompted to select what to do with the file (copy, move, cancel the action).
  • Move files – the files will be moved and the request for confirmation is set by the Confirm file move checkbox in the same Copy/Move/Reject pane).

    If this option is selected, and Confirm file move is not set to Always, the user will be additionally warned about the potential problems of moving files with the drop action, and will suggest choosing among following options:
    • Proceed with the operation
    • Additionally, switch on Move confirmation
    • Switch back to select drop mode each time

Settings Copy/Move/Reject - Remember drop targets in last used copy/move lists affects adding the folder that was the target for the drop operation to the lists of Copy/Move to ... last used folder.