Program Start Modes

During the launch of FastRawViewer, one can additionally pass a filename or a folder to the program through one of the following methods:

  • A RAW or JPEG file can be opened through the Open With menu, accessible through the right-click in the Windows Explorer/OS X Finder.
  • FastRawViewer can be installed as a “default” program (through Set Default Program in Windows or Get Info – Open With – Change All for Mac OS X) – in this case FastRawViewer will start when double-clicking on any file of the associated type.
  • Drag-Drop of a file or a folder onto the FastRawViewer program icon.
  • Start using the command line.

The same as with Dragging and Dropping into the program window (see above), the first file/folder will be opened.

Launching Several Instances of FastRawViewer

Mac OS X: a single instance of the program is started. Second click on the icon in Applications, or drag-n-drop of the file or folder on the application icon activates the already started instance of the application.

You can start a second instance of FastRawViewer through the Terminal Utility with the command


Windows: Several instances of the program can be started by (double-)clicking the icon or performing a drag-n-drop operation. With the start of each instance, a new window (displaying a new file, if started with a drag-n-drop operation) will be opened.

If you prefer to use “single instance” mode in Windows, you may do so by switching on Preferences – Other – Run single program instance setting. While this setting is on: clicking on a file, which is associated with FastRawViewer, will result in displaying the file in the existing program window.

Starting without a Filename

If FastRawViewer is started without a filename to view (like with double-clicking on the program icon) and the settings under Preferences – File Handling – Start without filename are at defaults no RAW file will be initially opened. To change this default behavior, please go to Preferences – File Handling – Start without filename:

  • Empty ScreenFastRawViewer starts up "without file".
  • Last opened file – opens the top (last) file from the Recent Files list.
  • Last visited folder – opens the folder from the list of Recent Folders.
  • Specified folder – allows you to set a "start folder".

In the case of FastRawViewer being started up over a particular file (through any method; drag-n-drop on the icon, clicking on the file, associated with FastRawViewer), this setting is, of course, ignored.

This setting is also ignored in the Single instance mode, if the second FastRawViewer copy is started up without selecting the name of a file/folder, then nothing happens.

Under default settings, FastRawViewer doesn’t “recall” files/folders from portable and network media. This behavior can be changed by un-checking Preferences – File Handling – Do not recall removable media on startup.