Single File View Mode and the Filmstrip Panel

When activating one of the files in the Grid View mode (double-click, press Enter on the file, Menu – View – Switch to single image) the program switches to Single File View mode.

With default settings, the Filmstrip panel appears under the main window. The Filmstrip panel contains the thumbnail previews of the files in the current folder:

When choosing a file from this panel (using the mouse, arrowkeys on the keyboard, Menu – File – Next/Prev File and Last/First file) the selected file is displayed in the main window, and the controls of exposure, white balance, and contrast will act over this active RAW file (see below the “Working with a single image” section).

You can use the same file operations in the filmstrip as those described previously for the Grid View mode:

  • Copy, move, move to _Rejected;
  • Editing metadata (ratings, labels, title and description);
  • Orientation;
  • Passing the file to external programs;

Selecting a group of files and group file operations (copying, moving, labels, ratings, passing to external programs) is also possible.