Additional Methods of Navigating Folder Files

Aside from visual navigation through folders and files, FastRawViewer also supports additional methods of opening files or folders.

Opening a File/Folder Using the Menu

To open a file, you can use one of the following:

  • Menu – File – Open (or Ctrl-O).
  • Through the list of recently opened files (Menu – File – Recent Files).
  • Drag-n-Drop the file onto the program icon.
  • Drag-n-Drop the file onto the program window.

A folder (catalogue) can be opened in similar ways:

  • Menu – File – Open Folder - Open Folder (Ctrl-Shift-O).
  • Menu – File – Open Folder - Recent Folders – a list of recently visited folders.
  • Drag-n-Drop folders onto the icon of the program.
  • Drag-n-Drop folders onto the program window.

When opening a folder:

  • With default settings the first (in alphabetical order) RAW or JPEG/TIFF/PNG file in the folder is displayed.

Drag and Drop

Files and Folders can be “dropped” onto the window of the program, as well as on the icon on the desktop or the OS X Dock. If so:

  1. If you dropped several files, then the first one opens (the order is follows the order of the file selection in the file manager). All others will be ignored.
  2. If you dropped several folders, then the first one opens. The others will be ignored.
  3. If you dropped a mix of files and folders, then the first folder will be opened, while the separate files will be ignored.

Mac OS X: it is recommended that files/folders (if there are a lot of them) be dropped on the opened window, rather than the icon; this way it works a lot faster.